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Disney Holiday & Proposal

October 24, 2017
I know I've already banged on about Disney World and what I will forever very biased-ly call 'THE BEST PROPOSAL EVER'. If you have somehow missed me banging on about it and have no idea what I'm talking about have a browse here to read the full story.

At the start of this year I made a New Year's Resolution to make a video to document each holiday we go on. I was in the middle of doing our Paris video when we went to Disney World and then I obviously dropped that project and got all caught up in wedding planning, venues and dresses. It took an age but I finally got round to putting together our Disney World Holiday video. There were quite a few tears making this not going to lie, happy tears but still a lot. Let me know what you think in the comments below, hope you like it!

Tourists in London - Duck Tours

August 13, 2017

Duck Tours London Tourists day out boat bus
I don't know if it's just me but I love love love being a tourist in my own city. So when Duck Tours offered me free tickets to go on their Duck Tour Bus I jumped at the chance, so did Fiancé Knowles and my flat mate and her boyfriend!
I've been on a Duck Tour before in Branston in America and it was awesome. I was a bit worried that the novelty factor of driving a massive yellow bus into the water would lose its effect but really didn't need to! The only difference was that this time I kept watching the side, you know just in case a tidal wave should decide to rear its head and soak us all.
Duck Tours London Tourists day out boat bus sightseeing
Taking the tour in the city I love so much actually added more novelty. I thought I knew London, thought I knew the ins and outs...I was wrong. The Tour guide was full of insightful facts and well as awful dad jokes to keep us all entertained.
Duck Tours London Tourists day out boat bus sightseeing
We were definitely a mixed bus of tourists, Londoners, children, parents, couples, grandparents and a ‘lovely’ loud America who made it her business to make it known whenever she missed just one word of whatever the tour guide said (made all the more annoying when it meant him repeating one of the awful dad jokes I previously mentioned).
Duck Tours London Tourists day out boat bus sightseeing
The blogger and Instagram obsessive in me loved the different view of London from the Thames once we set sail. Once my brain eventually accepted that the bus was in fact able to float and ‘drive’ on water I really enjoyed the Thames portion of the experience. Just a word of warning it goes against all your instincts to begin with and my whole body was literally screaming abandon ship while replaying that scene from The Office US where Micheal drives into the lake. Thankfully the most drama we saw on our trip was the closing of a bridge resulting in a slight detour.

Duck Tours London Tourists day out boat bus sightseeing
If you get the chance definitely do give Duck Tours a go. Great for showing visiting relatives round London without having to get them to walk everywhere and you learn loads along the way. Below are just a few of the facts I learnt on my day with Duck Tours:
  1. 1. The flag that flies outside Buckingham Palace when the Queen is in residency is the size of a tennis court
  2. 2. In 2007 it was made illegal to break into Buckingham Palace after Micheal Fagan did so...twice!
  3. 3. Intricate lion heads line the Thames wall to help mitigate flooding they are the source of the saying ‘When London stinks the Lions drink’
  4. 4. It is possible to get the door man of the Ritz to crack a smile if you quack at him loud enough
  5. 5. You will feel like a prize idiot quacking around London
  6. 6. At its fastest the Thames moves at 6 knots an hour, thankfully the Duck Tour Bus/Boat moves faster!
  7. 7. The city of London used to close around 9pm and if you got stuck you'd have to pay a small fee to a boat to carry you across as there weren't many boats. Often half way across the less trustworthy boats would normally stop and demand more money to carry you the rest of the way safely
  8. 8. Loud Americans are annoying but being typically British resulted in some stern tutting and eye rolling from us and nothing more.
 We had a great time on the Duck Tour and it's definitely something i would recommend to all ages especially tourists and wannabe tourists!

My Travel Wish List

August 08, 2017

I seem to constantly be on Instagram or Facebook or twitter getting jealous of where people are travelling or on holiday and the same thought always crosses my mind...I need to add that to the list.

So here it is my, in no way definitive, travel wish list of the places I want to visit one day.

Croatia - Fabsickle recently went there and her blog on her travels has made me want to go even more!

Hawaii - this is where I've got my heart set on going for our honeymoon.

The Floating Light Festival - this is held in May every year in Hawaii, unfortunately our honeymoon will be in September so it gets its own entry as I'll have to go back for that!

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi - this one actually pops up on Pinterest all the time and from the first time I read about it it's been on my list. I mean if it's good enough for Shay Mitchell then it's good enough for me! You can even take a virtual tour here.


 Lake Como - I nearly managed to convince my mum and sister to go there last year but then pesky costs got in the way and we changed our destination...damn you bank balance!

Thailand - not to go to stroke heavily sedated tigers or ride beaten elephants but to explore all the islands and beaches. There's also a really great elephant sanctuary in Chaing Mai that a friend of mine visited that sounds too perfect for words.

Venice - cheap prosecco, pizza, gelato and gondolas everywhere, did I miss anything?

Canada - it’s been on my list for quite a while and is getting more and more prominent...might even make an appearance in the honeymoon if we're lucky. 


All the Disney Parks - as you may know Disney holds a special place in my heart, here's the reason if you didn't. What self-respecting adult wouldn't want to visit all the parks?!

Berlin - I actually have family there and yet have never gone. Think I'll avoid it in the winter though, I'm not built for the cold.

LA - after spending my teens watching 'Laguna Beach' and 'The Hills' I feel I owe it to myself to follow in LC’s footsteps.

Singapore - I just want to stand under those know which ones I mean.

Philippines - have you seen the beaches?! A friend of mine went a few years ago and since seeing his pictures it's been a firm favourite on my wish list.

Bali - firstly it looks like Instagram heaven, secondly it looks like my kind of heaven!

Iceland - Northern lights and the Blue Lagoon

Lapland - SANTA!!!

Sydney - so I saw an episode of Modern Family where they climbed the bridge...that I want to do that.

Northern Ireland - Giant’s Causeway looks like it was designed not a cause of nature. I have to go see it for myself!

Vietnam - I have no idea, I just need to go there, be there and explore.

Maldives - I went a while ago but I'd love to go back before global warming does its thing and floods them all. The coral is incredible and snorkelling in Maldives in the rain is a memory I will always treasure.

So there you have it my Top 20 on my Travel Wish List. I wonder how many I can cross off on our honeymoon.

What's on your Travel Wish List?

Our vows before the wedding

July 01, 2017
As I'm sure most of you know me and the boyfriend got engaged...if you didn't, stop immediately and read the proposal blog first and then come back on over.
Wedding couple vows proposal fiance engaged
Life has been a bit hectic since the last post, we've gone on holiday with friends, hosted disastrous dinner parties, had our highly alcoholic engagement party, put down the deposit for our wedding venue (it's so beautiful it makes me cry) and celebrated Fiancé Knowles' (boyfriend's new name) birthday with a barbecue and lots of races on his new Nintendo Switch.

Our wedding is actually quite a while off, over 2 years away. We've agreed to put the wedding planning on pause for a year otherwise it's going to get a bit ridiculous. I still want to have some kind of wedding excitement in our lives so came up with what I think is quite a cool idea. Vows before the wedding.

We each have to come up with five vows for each other that we have to complete within the year. Obviously ground-rules needed to be set because I'm not doing his washing for a year or cooking all the time nuh uh *sassy snap*

So here are the vows I made for Fiancé Knowles to complete by this time next year:

1. To create a treasure hunt of some description.
I decided to be a bit vague with that one so he can go as big or as small with the treasure hunt as he wants. The only rule is that he has to create the treasure hunt for me to then take part in.

2. Find a creative way to say I love you.
I really like this one and am looking forward to seeing how he gets on with this one and what he comes up with.

3. Tick one thing off of one of our Listography Lists.
If you haven't worked it out yet I'm a massive fan of lists. For one of my birthday's my sister got me the Listography book of lists. Me and the Fiancé spent an evening filling in the book and now have so many travel plans and days out that I thought I'd get the ball rolling and make us cross off at least one.

4. Make up and write down my ultimate bedtime story.
I'm forever asking Fiancé Knowles to tell me a bedtime story and he always refuses...poor me. So I've finally found a way around this that hopefully he'll be happy with. By writing down my story he only has to tell it once and then I'll have it forever after.

5. Watch all of my favourite childhood movies.
The tricky part to this one is everyday I think of another 'amazing' childhood film that I really loved so I think I need to set a limit on that one! Also sometimes when you revisit a film you loved when you were younger you realise just how rubbish it actually is, looking at you Like Mike!

Fiancé Knowles wrote his own vows for me to complete as well and if I'm completely honest I think his are better than mine but shh don't tell him that!

1.  Read each others favourite book.
I'm a little stumped on which book to put forward so will have to have a think about that. I definitely have a top 5 and will probably do a post on them soon.

2. Have a day playing games in our PJ's eating whatever the hell we want.
This is literally how Fiancé spent his teenage years and definitely his idea of a perfect day so I'm looking forward to slobbing out and eating ALL THE FOOD!

3.Write down a list of our favourite memories, holidays and dreams for the future.
I'm thinking of getting a notebook for this one. Mainly so we can keep adding our memories in as time goes on and have it as a keepsake to look back on and also because I'm a massive sucker for stationery so having an actual excuse to spend hours in Paper Chase is something I won't be passing on!

4. Take out each others favourite lady for the day they deserve.
We both love our Mums to bits so this vow is such a sweet idea and I'm looking forward to spoiling his mum silly after all she's the incredible woman that raised the man I love.

5. Plan a spontaneous trip.
I love this idea because the Fiancé is always the one that plans our trips, not that I'm complaining at all! I often joke that all I have to say is 'Ooo I'd love to go there one day' and he's already looked at flights, hotels and dates we can go. I'm really looking forward to getting the chance to surprise him for once with a trip away together somewhere...any suggestions?

So there you have it our vows before the wedding. Depending on how successful we are with completing them all we might do a few more for the second year but we'll have to wait and see as wedding planning madness will probably set it and take over our lives!

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